Thursday, September 6, 2012

"He Loves Me ..."

Less than two weeks ago I took this gown and started repurposing it into a costume for a brand new number I'm debuting in December.  The process so far has been quick and relatively effortless.  I sketched out the design and everything has fallen into place.

The corset I made in July was made from leftover fashion fabric and works as the perfect base for the costume.  I cut petals from the gown, painting and reinforcing them for the top and skirt.  I have to string a few together, but they're 80% complete for my "He Loves Me" number.  I still have to make the shoes and feather fans, and do some light rhinestoning on the bra component.

I'm delighted and amazed at how quickly this costume came together!  I'm hoping that all the sewing I've been doing lately has sped up the creative process in costume design and rigging.  I know I'm getting faster with construction.

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