Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

It seems that every weekend ends with one of us saying, "It would be so great if we had an extra day in the weekend so we could get more done and actually relax."  I love three-day weekends for that very reason.  I saw a movie, made a cupcake run, and took a couple naps.

I also made things because I'm a damn busybody.

On Saturday, I finished the butterfly potholder in the top center of the photo.  I also managed to burn the edge that afternoon when I was cooking.  I edged a few of the flower petals for an upcoming number as well.

Sunday started with the bodice of the dragonfly dress on the left.  We'll see if I get any more of it finished this afternoon.  I hung out with Evie (always productive and she's just the best company) and mostly assembled the pair of retro pants in the background of the photo. I also put together most of the purple bowtie on the right.

This morning I used up all the matching thread I had working on the edges of more petals.  I switched to hand painting the centers to make them less pink.  Maybe I'll make another bowtie or paint or work on the dress for the rest of the afternoon.  Or maybe I'll just nap.

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