Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holy Shopping, Batman!

At last weekend's cosplay panel at Comikaze, they mentioned the wonders of Burlington Coat Factory for off-the-rack pieces that work really well for costumes.  Mr. Snapper took note of their recommendation and looked it up on Yelp, discovering we have a BCF in Burbank.  When he read one Yelper's review that BCF is what you would expect Nordstrom Rack to be (great stuff for low prices), he decided we should go there instead of Goodwill to start our shopping for Mister Rogers.

I had to find a blouse for my Shari Lewis costume, and I've become a bit of a tightwad.  I found the cream-colored blouse in the photo for a whopping $6.  (I don't anticipate doing this number hundreds of times, so I didn't want to make a huge investment in something I wouldn't wear outside of the show.)  And because I could, I spent $10 on a wonderful melon-colored sweater.

Mr. Snapper found a fantastic, non-wool cardigan for cheap.  He found khaki pants for $15 and a blue shirt for the same.  He also found a wonderful orange Tommy Hilfiger necktie with tiny fishes on it.  (I bought him a yellow Tommy Hilfiger tie with tiny turtles on it a few years ago; they look a bit like paisleys from a distance.)  He also splurged on a $7 bowtie.

I did some browsing and they do have quite a coat selection.  It's like a clean Ross or Marshalls, or like an affordable Nordstrom Rack.  We spent $80 for everything in the photo.

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