Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Final Reveal: Ghetto Fitting

Today I finished the garters on my garter skirt. It's amusing to do fittings on myself because I can't always reach everything. Water soluble marking pens are perfect for fittings on your own body.  I split an hour between coating the edges of the mitten clips, sizing and attaching the garters.  (Tool dip worked on the mitten clips but it takes at least 12 hours to cure.)

You can see the photo of the garter skirt below. (I don't know if the photo is going to show up cockeyed as a result of posting from my phone. Please forgive.) I used two different rehearsal stockings to use for the fitting so the fit may look screwy in the photo. Everything is evenly placed and will look fine with a pair of matched stockings.

I still have to trim the bottom edge and add a waistband.  I'm also going to bead and/or rhinestone after I cover the bra with matching fabric.

Spent so far: $38 and 3:30.

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