Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Final Reveal: Problem Solving

This morning I ventured out to purchase my fabric and find some trim that would work as a feather substitute on part of the robe and something to trim the underthings.  After an hour downtown, I had acquired robe fabric, bias tape, and a couple pairs of mitten clips.  None of the trim I found in appropriate colorways would work.  Just like me, picking colors that are uncommon.

I spent an hour stitching elastic to the bias tape and attaching mitten clips to the newly made garter straps.  I tested out a mitten clip on an old stocking while I was sewing, and I discovered the teeth of the clip can snag the hell out of the top of a stocking.  (I also dampened my sewing goggles with tears while I watched Spock die in Wrath of Khan while I was at my sewing table.)  I committed to working with mitten clips for this costume, so I'm going to coat the grabby edge with tool dip.  (I use tool dip on the ends of filed corset bones.)

I'm cranky about the lack of decent trims in my town.  We have a fantastic fashion district, but I can't find what I want.  I have two more trim stores to visit tomorrow in hopes one has what I want.  If that's a bust, I had a great idea to solve my problem.  I checked the floral spray paint I used inside the bra of my mega costume, and that color will work for my trim.  I can purchase white trim and some floral spray paint to make the magic happen.

Spent so far: $38 & 2:30.

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