Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cinema Secrets Savings

I buy a number of discount deals.  It takes a lot of financial investment to be stage worthy, so I save money where I can.  My most recent investment was $19 for $40 to spend on Cinema Secrets brand merchandise at the Cinema Secrets store in Toluca Lake.  Sure, that means I'm only saving $21, but I'm still saving $21!

Today I used my Groupon on the following:
  • Super Sealer so I can give my stage makeup some light sealant $10
  • Concealer palette to hide those bags from lack of sleep, blotches from allergies, and bruises from Buster $24
  • Ultimate Eye Liner pencil for Mr. Snapper $2
  • Ultimate Blush in a very cheery color $11
  • Hollywood Lights Loose Pearl Powder to highlight my brow bone $8
Yes, I went over my voucher value by $15.  Everything here is a burlesque investment.  The deal was totally worth it and I would buy another if I was allowed.  Please check out this deal!

(Cinema Secrets is currently having a sale of 50% off costumes, wigs, and Halloween stuff.  Now's your chance to get a discount Leg Avenue costume.)

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