Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Final Reveal: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

The best kinds of challenges are the ones that come from within.  Coming off Burlesqueland V and all the activity that went into last weekend's film shoot, it would be a rough withdrawal to have no new projects in the hopper.  To keep from getting bored, depressed, and unproductive, I've thrown down the gauntlet for myself.

I'm making this costume by April 6th.

My rendering doesn't do it justice.
Why April 6th?  I'm not debuting the number until late May.  The truth of the matter is that my day job boss is out of town until April 6th.  I'm still doing my day job work, but I'm pushing to be fast and efficient so I have plenty of down time while he's away.  I'm passionate about the idea and I don't have that many new skills to learn fresh in order to bring this costume to life.

I'm trying to keep my expenses down with this project.  We'll see how I do.  I'll loosely document out-of-pocket costs for things I didn't already have in my house.

What I already have:
  • leftover powernet from my bra supply orders
  • stretch lace that I can use to cover the bra and make the garter skirt
  • six 2-ply ostrich boas, 2 yards long each
  • enough English net for the robe to use as a color sample
What I need:
  • enough English net to make the robe
  • a nude bra to cover
  • a nude thong
  • rhinestones and beads
  • appliques for the underthings
  • appliques for the robe
  • stockings
  • suspender clips
  • shoes
I may not have my little project fully embellished by April 6th, but I'm going to try.  I cut my garter skirt last night based on a custom pencil skirt pattern from last summer.  I'm stitching it together today.  My vintage pattern base for the robe arrived in today's mail.  I'll keep you in the loop along the way so you know what it takes to make a lovely costume, you can be inspired for your own works, and I have the needed pressure of knowing someone is watching to be sure I meet my challenge.

Costs related specifically to this project: $18 pattern, 30 minutes to cut the garter skirt.

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