Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Final Reveal: The Garment

Same panty style as I used for pearl costumes
I spent an hour on Wednesday adding snaps, purchasing and adding ribbon to the robe.  I  spent an additional hour stitching boas to the robe.  It takes a long time, especially when I'm strengthening my left handed technique as my right hand was suffering from carpal tunnel.  It was $9 for more thread and ribbon.

Front and bottom edge of robe
I nearly accomplished my goal of getting the basic costume done during the two weeks my boss was away.  I had a sick day where I spent some time at home sewing boas on the robe.  That was an additional three hours.  A quick stop at Nordstrom Rack provided my bra and two panty options.  $27 later, I just need shoes and an endless supply of stockings for this costume.

Yesterday I started working with Jewel of Denial, one of my first burlesque instructors and choreographer for this project.  I explained to her that I couldn't help but parade around my office in the garment every time I'd get something done with it.  The robe is just meant for parading.  That admission is really going to inform the choreography.  It also led to me referring to the robe as "the garment."  Kind of ridiculous.

My costume progress may slow for the next two weeks because of my upcoming trip to Arkansas.  I have plenty of other stuff to get done for the trip.  I'll continue to post as I get little things done on this project, even if it's an hour of work here and there.

Total spent so far: $109 and 27:30

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