Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Final Reveal: Momentum

Basic robe with garter skirt beneath
I've gotten a lot done on this costume since my last blog post.  It's amazing how much I can get done when I don't have any other immediate activity on my plate.

I spent five hours on the costume on Thursday.  I attached the scalloped applique on the front (basting first).  The scalloped applique was leftover from my mega costume, and I just had to hit it with the floral spray paint to make the color match better.  I also spent $22 on trim.  I found two shades of elastic lace that would work for the back of the bra and the waistband of the garter skirt, lace to spray paint for the bottom edge of the robe, and applique trim for the bra cups and garter skirt.

I also spent five hours on the costume on Friday.  I put together the robe skirt and self-bound one of the seams.  I finished the sleeves (attaching lace and finishing the self-bound seams) and attached them to the bodice.  Not many tasks completed Friday, but these things took a lot of time.

I spent three hours over the weekend painting lace and the other seam of the robe skirt.  I attached the applique trim to the bottom of the garter skirt.  I also used some pearly fabric paint I had in my cabinet to make the flowers on the trim pop.  I had some spare rhinestones from another project that I used to embellish the garter skirt.

Today I finished assembling the robe over about three hours.  I attached the lace to the lower edge of the robe, finished the opening skirt edges, and attached the bodice to the skirt.

My next step for the robe is to scallop the skirt edges (or not), add snaps and a belt, then attach the boas to the bottom and sleeves.  I need to buy a bra to cover to match the garter skirt, which will guide me on the waistline for the garter skirt.  I have to buy beads to do some hand beading on the applique trim.  I haven't found shoes or decided on underthings yet.

Spent so far: $73 and 22:30

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