Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Final Reveal: I Am Insane

I've been busy getting ready for my Arkansas trip, so I'm a bit behind on my blogging.  Since the last blog, I took up the hem of my robe so I wouldn't walk on it while doing turns in my choreography.

I also installed the elastic on the top of the garter shirt.  I learned a lot about underwear elastic when I made the bra last summer.

I then went downtown and spent $10 on beads and needles so I can hand bead parts of the appliques (like a dumbass who can't get enough pain in the hand, I guess).  I spent a good 45 minutes beading one small section of the garter skirt.  I think Andrew's going to learn how to hand bead to help me get it done and make it through the painful times.

Total spent so far: $119 and 30:30

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