Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Final Reveal: Mr. Snapper Edition part 2

(Guest post by Mr. Snapper.)

I purchased the “Caped Crime Fighter” pattern from Williams Studio 2. This includes professionally drafted and printed patterns for the trunks, cowl cover, and cape; and templates for the Bat symbol, utility belt, belt buckle, and glove. Well worth the $34.99 plus shipping! The pattern pieces come in one size: Adam West. You see, these things are drafted directly from an original on-screen costume. As it turns out, Adam West circa 1966 and I share the same waist size.

Red picked up my trunk fabric from Levine’s, a heavyweight nylon spandex. I haven’t cut the pieces yet, but it’s ready to go.

Today I ordered the patterns for the tights and the leotard. Per Chuck Williams’ recommendation on the Batman 1966 message board, I went with Kwik Sew patterns 1727 and 3502. We went downtown and picked up a microfiber cotton (or perhaps polycotton) spandex in the RIGHT SHADE OF GREY. See, On Stage Dancewear? It does exist. The tights fabric came from Blue Moon Fabric on 9th Street, a place Evie Lovelle introduced to Red.

I returned the On Stage tights and leotard for a full refund. I should get that money back next week. Jerks.

Tomorrow, I pick up boots and the bits and pieces I need for the utility belt. So today’s tally doesn’t include that.

Total spent to date: $223.14 (but that includes the $109 fucking that On Stage Dancewear gave me. That should be refunded by the next time I blog) and approx. 2:30

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