Thursday, October 6, 2016

Atomic Thursday: Glitter Bomb

I've been upgrading my cosmetics and skin care collection over the past several months. I've long admired the Atomic Cosmetics line from afar. When Dr. Jen came to visit Los Angeles earlier this year, I spent as much as I could on product. I really believe in her products. Since I've been able to try many things I figured I'd share my product reviews with you on Thursdays.

Atomic Cosmetics: Glitter Bomb

Small & large size: blue AB, gold & AB

I typically want to look sparkly when I'm dancing. I've tried a lot of glitter solutions to get that sparkle (applying lotion and dusting with glitter that gets all over the dressing room floor, applying glitter and using a spray sunscreen as a sealant, spray glitter that makes the dogs sneeze because they obviously want to help me prepare for showgirling). Glitter Bomb is the best solution for me to grab and go, using it anywhere with little impact on those around me.

Glitter Bomb is a glitter-filled, coconut-based lotion. Squeeze a dollop out of the bottle and slather yourself down. It doesn't feel icky or sticky. It has a pleasant, natural fragrance that isn't horrifying to encounter in the dressing room. (You can order unscented.) You'll find other people are willing to help you get the hard-to-reach places, like your back. The small size is great for travel and the larger size is great for sharing. It does rub off into your clothing a bit so you'll want to wash that glitter-covered tee shirt before wearing it again. I haven't had any issues with staining from the lotion. It's also easy to wash off in the shower so you don't get glitter between the sheets.

Atomic currently has four colors listed: gold, silver, AB (aura borealis, meaning holographic clear) and pink. She also does custom blends, which you can see a fancy blue AB blend on the far left in the photo. Just let her know what you need in the notes for your order if you want something custom.

I couldn't get a great photo of the product on my skin with my phone. The lighting in my house just doesn't do it justice. If you've seen me wearing body glitter at all in the past year, I was wearing Glitter Bomb. It makes skin look ethereal, just not so much in a selfie. If you have a special event and want to have a glow, I recommend using some Glitter Bomb.

Available currently as samples, 2-ounce and 4-ounce bottles. 

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