Thursday, October 13, 2016

Atomic Thursday: None More Black

I've been upgrading my cosmetics and skin care collection over the past several months. I've long admired the Atomic Cosmetics line from afar. When Dr. Jen came to visit Los Angeles earlier this year, I spent as much as I could on product. I really believe in her products. Since I've been able to try many things I figured I'd share my product reviews with you on Thursdays.

Atomic Cosmetics: None More Black Eyeshadow
I use a liner brush for a slim line.

I'm reviewing None More Black separately from the other eyeshadows because None More Black is something incredibly special. It is a purple cow in the world of eyeshadows and liners.

I have problems with kohl pencils. They're never soft enough to leave a beautiful line. When I heat the tip it gets too mushy. I also have trouble with liquid liners. Maybe I don't have the dexterity or maybe I get interrupted too many times while trying to apply. They tend to be wet just a little too long so I get smudges when I open my eyes.
I've tried several brands and I've always met with failure. I had the gloppiest wing on my cat eye.

Enter None More Black. I'm great with a brush. (I got my brush through Atomic Cosmetics. A good makeup brush can last a long time if you take care of it.) It's intense black pigment. I got some black eyeshadow from a drug store a couple years ago that has so much filler it looks light gray when applied. Yuck. None More Black is exactly like the Spinal Tap album-- there is none more black.

I scrape a little of my None More Black into the product lid with my brush. I add some makeup sealant and mix it into paint. I use that adorable brush to work from the middle of the lid to the outside, middle to inside, and touch ups on the wing. (It helps to really examine how your lid folds when your eye is open. My wing has to go a little lower because of the eyelid crease.) I scrape it into the lid before wetting so I can use the dry eyeshadow as I like. I don't have to worry about it being crusty from the sealant. It takes 30 seconds to a couple minutes for the liner to set. That's the perfect time to work on your bedroom eyes by barely opening your eyes. I typically spray my face with makeup sealant once my makeup is complete.

I usually let my product lid dry before I close it. Sometimes I spritz the lid with more sealant to reactivate on another day. Sometimes I wipe the lid with an alcohol pad to get a fresh mix. I wash my brush with liquid soap when I put away my makeup kit for the evening. If you work with black liner and black eyeshadow regularly, I recommend getting two.

None More Black has done me right. It hasn't smudged in the hours after application. It does stick to eyelash glue, so I wind up with a naked spot on my lids when I peel those lashes off. I've even used it as mascara in a pinch, mixing it with sealant and applying with a fan brush.
I'll review the eyeshadow in general in future. This product should be a staple in your kit.

I'm a huge fan of Dr. Jen, Atomic Cosmetics and Xerion Skin Science. I love supporting small businesses, especially those run by really cool women.

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