Friday, March 11, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 10/10 - Jazz Dance

I haven't taken a proper jazz dance class in 18 years.  Evie has been recommending Bill's jazz dance class at Studio A for a while, and I finally had the opportunity to take it last night.  I really like Bill as a person and a studio owner because he's been very kind and accommodating with me when I needed to rent space for classes.

As an instructor, Bill is energetic and fun.  You can tell he loves what he does.  His warm-up stretched all the things I really needed to stretch after a week on the couch hunched over craft projects.  The across-the-floor section of the class was fun and there was no pressure to perform for the instructor.  We learned a combination, drilling it over and over without music, then adding music, increasing the speed of the beat of the songs as we continued dancing.  I left the class sweat but not winded (important for an anaerobic asthmatic like me) and bought a punch card for five classes.

Something wonderfully unique about Bill's class is that he teaches one combination each week.  On Tuesday he starts everything on the right side - warm-up, across the floor and combination.  On Thursday he starts everything on the left side.  It was a delightful mental challenge for me to start thinking with starting an entire combination on the left.

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