Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 11/100 - Kundalini Yoga

I went to Kundalini yoga again yesterday at Dance Garden.  I was snowed under with work for the Burlesqueland festival but I had to get off my couch and keep the discipline of going to class; there's always something that can get in the way of making it to class, and this was something I could drop for an hour or so.  The added bonus: class is free the second Saturday of every month.  The price was right, and I needed the energy that Kundalini yoga offers.

We did a different set of exercises than we did the last time I was in class.  This week really worked the pelvis, hips and legs.  It was so intense that my body froze up at a couple points and I couldn't move to do the exercises.  My hips are so sore today.  I am glad I went, but there's no way I'd be able to function in a dance class today.

In my past two classes, I realized where I have flexibility weaknesses.  My hip flexors are awesome, but I don't have the flexibility in my hamstrings to get into the splits yet.  I don't have much flexibility in my shoulders or back.  I was diagnosed as having a 15% permanent disability in my back from a car accident I had when I was sixteen.  I wonder how much of that is part of my problem.  I need to find some exercises to do at home to increase my flexibility in all these areas.

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