Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Hair for Dummies

I guess I could've also titled the post "Great for Hair Dummies."

A few years ago when I was very new to burlesque, I learned that one of my favorite performers wears a lot of falls that match her hair. My hair is a bit more multicolored by nature, so it was harder for me to find a good match. I've since found reliable sources and visit those for my faux hair.

I love fake hair for the days when I'm in a hurry to get ready for a show or I'm performing more than once. This was my look for the second Letter Follies show last night. I bought this clip-on curly ponytail when I was in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago for $17. It matches my hair well and totally changed my look in moments.

A decent fall is a good investment for a dancer. Make sure it feels smooth if it's not human hair. Falls look terrible when they're crunchy. Another trick is to blend it with your actual hair so no one knows it's faux.
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