Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Disposable Glue Gun

I have a great hot glue gun at home but I'm out of glue sticks. Since I'm making tons of pasties this week for France & Arkansas, I checked my local dollar store for glue sticks. I have the kind of day job where I can work on personal projects when it's quiet, and I really need to use my time at the office for pasties this week. They didn't have big glue sticks for my good gun.

They did, however, have this crappy hot glue gun for $1.49. I remember when this size and style was a whopping $5. I have a bunch of tiny glue sticks at home perfect for this thing so I bought it. It doesn't have the two temperatures my other gun has, but it's great for the price and I can keep it at work. Not too shabby.
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