Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I Plan to Take Over the World

These are my nefarious plans to take over the world.  Three moleskine notebooks, all bearing the Heartbreak Warfare logo from John Mayer's latest album.  These three notebooks help me keep my life in order and keep track of my progress with my plans.

The leather hardcover on the right holds my five year goals and a simple ledger of income from teaching, touring, merch and local performances.  I spent some time in this notebook yesterday revising my 2011 goals, expanding them where necessary.

The softcover notebook on the left is my planner.  This is where I keep track of where I'm supposed to be and when.  I also keep track of my income from teaching, merch and performances.  (This means I can just take this notebook on the road with me.)  I put major points form my goals in the to-do page each week so I know what I need to tackle to stay on target.

The little red notebook is new.  I needed a place to jot down ideas as they came to me.  I also needed a place for mundane lists to help me conquer my goal targets.  This is where I write down that I need five yards of stretch velvet for that new costume or that I need to remember to pick up makeup wipes before my trip.  It's small enough to put in my handbag or a back pocket.  I can make daily progress and appear less forgetful.

I spend so much time pondering things that I can't keep my life on track without writing things down.  If you have plans to take over the world, I hope you find a system that works as well for you as these notebooks work for me.

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