Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 44/100 - Drum Solo Choreography

Back in the olden days (2006 & 2007), I regularly took belly dance classes from Jamilla. She's my belly dance mama. I made my semi-professional debut as a belly dancer as part of her troupe, the Raq Stars. (I danced two group numbers and one solo for tips at Dar Maghreb.) I haven't really been involved in belly dance classes very much since. But Jamilla is teaching after a brief hiatus, and I dropped in on her class today.

It's strange returning to study with someone after a few years, especially when I've had students of my own since. Jamilla is a very nurturing teacher, and much of my own dance class warm-up is heavily influenced by hers. Some of the moves came back to me from muscle memory; others that I'd never gotten down were just as awkward as a few years ago. I got a great workout in class and was reminded of things I loved about belly dance. Of course, my zill work was just short of atrocious.

Jamilla is accepting drop-in students for $17.50 per class. Classes are Sundays from 1pm to 2:15pm until September 11th, and there's an opportunity to perform at a dinner show at Dar Maghreb.

I don't know if I'd be able to dance a solo at Dar Maghreb as a belly dancer for the showcase. My moves have become more sexualized as a result of doing burlesque than a family establishment like that might prefer. We shall see what comes to pass.
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