Friday, August 26, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 48/100 - Crunch: CardioSalsa

I think I've finally learned my lesson not to do cardio workouts before bed.  You see, when I'm home for the night I like to kick off my shoes.  I wear crocs around the house so I can easily take the dogs into the yard (and I don't like having dirty feet).  I'm not going to put shoes on to dance in my living room at night unless I'm running a number.  Why did I decide to do the CardioSalsa workout before bed and with no shoes?  Because sometimes I'm an idiot.

Nonetheless, this is a fun video that gives you a flavor of Latin American dance (not unlike how Chevy's gives you a flavor of real Mexican food).  I didn't do as many jumps or cha cha steps because I wasn't wearing shoes for shock absorption.  I do appreciate that the cool down at the end still incorporated the dance moves covered in the rest of the video.

From here on out, any videos I do at home after the sun goes down are going to have to be yoga or Pilates.  (Let's see how well I stick to that one.)

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