Saturday, August 11, 2012

High-Low Hem Skirt Mockup

Buster really tried helping drape the back.
As part of one of my upcoming costumes, I'm making a skirt with a high-low hem.  Because I drafted the pattern from scratch (using this tutorial), I wanted to make a mockup before working with the actual costume fabric.

I drafted the pattern a couple months ago.  It took less than an hour for me to cut the pieces and stitch the skirt (no waistband & no hem).  I may decide to weight the train, depending on how I use it onstage.  I can use this pattern for the actual skirt.  It makes my ass look amazing, so I think I'm going to make more bias-cut skirts.

My next project for this costume is to order a corset with a generous gift certificate I got from a friend.  There are some props to deal with, making the act debut likely for next year.

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