Monday, August 20, 2012


I've noticed the longer I do a number, the more replacing and reconstructing I have to do. Tonight is our 5th Annual Tarantino Tribute, and I've been in every show since the beginning.  I replaced my tear away pants and swtichblade in 2010.  I redid my Blonde gun over the weekend since the one } got in 2009 went missing and my replacement looked fully lame (hot glue & gold glitter).  I reconstructed the pasties last night before bed.

The last time I wore these pasties was when we performed for Tarantino. When I took them off, the spinners finally broke.  The pasties were looking a little wonky, warped from wear and tear, crusty from spirit gum. I didn't make new ones when we took Pulp Fiction on the road, wearing a pair of merch pasties instead.

I hadn't planned on making new pasties until about 8pm last night. I used spare stones and made them a little perkier than the old ones.  I hope these bring me as much luck as the former pair.

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