Saturday, August 4, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I didn't really vacation this summer.  I did some dancing, but I did more sewing.  I don't want to sit around and be unproductive while I ponder my next numbers, so I spent the past three months improving my sewing skills.  See what I made!

Rumpus Revue - photo by Jason Kamimura
Laura Ingalls dress and apron: I made this dress at the very beginning of May, knowing I had this number ahead of me.  I made the apron the day before the show out of some spare muslin, and some lace from 1994.  I really liked this pattern so much that I made a second dress with slight variations.
Forgive the bags under my eyes - Buster did.

Green taffeta dress: I made this dress for fun.  The pattern I used for the Laura Ingalls was so easy that I wanted to use it again.  I ordered this taffeta from Shanghai via eBay, and I will never do that again.  The fabric is so thin that I'm going to have to make a lining for the skirt before I wear it out in public.  I melted the first bodice so I had to remake it.  At least it looks pretty and has pockets.  Next time I'll put on makeup before I wear the dress in front of people.

Pencil skirt:  I had fabric leftover from a dress I made for my shoot with Amanda Brooks in May.  (You can see that green dress here.  I haven't shared the photo she took of me in the green dress yet but it is AMAAAAZING!)  The fabric was flawed down the center, so the salesman threw in some extra yardage for free.  I drafted the pattern on wax paper based on this video.  After cutting enough fabric for two skirts (because I discovered tiny flaws in the fabric after cutting the first set of pieces), I finally got it right.  It took an afternoon to stitch together and it fits perfectly.  I'm going to make a few more when I get more knit fabric.
Buster jumped out of the photo at the last moment

Romper:  On a whim, I decided to make this purple romper for the MNT Prince show in early July.  Based on this tutorial, I bought fabric in lieu of using a t-shirt.  I used a Gap tank top to pattern the top and a pair of boxers to pattern the shorts.  I had a few challenges (like making a waistband that connected the slim top to the looser shorts and finding the right stitch length for this fabric), but I got a great result for very little money.  I want to draw a paper pattern from this sample so I can make a few cute workout outfits.

Failure bra:  Holy cow am I glad I didn't make this for a show!  I'm still working on a net bra that should actually fit.  The pattern I used for failure bra should work well for an underbra, with a few alterations.

Underbust corset: Using leftover fabric from Shanghai, I made something I'm going to be able to use in a new number I'm debuting in Dallas in December.  I'm eager to get more corsets under my belt so I can eventually make and sell custom corsets.
Rumpus Revue - Pistachio, me & Mr. Buddy. Photo by Jason Kamimura.
Repro swimsuits: I made these from fabric I was given by Penny Starr, Jr. a few years ago.  I made three swimsuits in the same size; you can see how well they fit us.  I learned a lot about sewing swimwear, working with powernet, making shelf bras and installing cups.  I may just sell a couple of these swimsuits, keeping mine.  I'm definitely using this pattern again.

I also made two puppets for fundraisers, a handful of hand puppets for a birthday party, six hair flowers, and started on some matchy matchy garments for me and the mister.

With all of that out of my system, I'm diving into two costumes for later this year.  It's time for some serious crafternoon fun with Evie Lovelle.

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