Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Final Reveal: Disco Pants

I was going to go to bed after last night's post, but I spent another hour working on the gauntlets. After some trial and error, zipper installation, resizing, and rhinestoning, the gauntlets were finished this morning.  I glued the cups to the fabric in the top of the monokini and moved onto the pants.

I bought a pattern to make my pants experience easier.  (I figure I can use the same pattern to make my own walking around pants.)  I cut the pattern this morning and stitched the pockets into place this evening.  I spent part of my afternoon reading the instructions and making notes on the alterations I'll have to do to make my disco pants into stripper pants.

I ran out of waistband fabric when I was cutting the final pieces.  Fortunately I had some extra fabric I could use for the inside of the waistband so I wouldn't have to push off the completion of my pants until I could shop.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to add closures to the monokini and snaps to the bra.  I also hope to get the fly of my disco pants done.  Photos coming once I can put this garment on my body.

Total spent so far: 22:45 and $243.80.

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