Friday, November 2, 2012

My Final Reveal: Lift

Buster thought we were doing a vlog.
I'm a bit more focused than I was yesterday. :)  I squeezed in thirty minutes of hand sewing today to finish the wire channels of my underbra.  I have a couple minutes of machine sewing for the rest of the halter strap and the bra is done!  I may add some rhinestones here and there, and I may also add snaps to the sides to help the monokini stay in place when I dance vigorously.

This is the first underbra I've constructed from scratch.  Attaching the front closure directly to the underwire channeling was a challenge (pin it, check it twice, then sew it).  Next time I make one of these bras, I'm going to attach some glue to parts of the underwire before inserting it into the channeling so the channeling is less likely to twist.

I made an underbra for this costume because my boobs need a little support.  This piece gives them some support without compromising the physics very much for tassel twirling.

Total spent so far: 7:45 and $183.99.

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