Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Final Reveal: Done (Mostly)

I've spent most of my down time since Thursday working on this costume. The biggest issue I was facing after putting the pants together was the size.  I hadn't interfaced the waistband and the black fabric has more give than the disco fabric.  I took 15 minutes Friday morning to steam some interfacing inside the waistband.

A little side note on interfacing: always test the interfacing on a scrap of the same fabric.  In my rush to get it done so I could take the pants with me to work, I didn't test.  I steamed the interfacing to bond it to the pants and reduce the stretch, threw them in my bag and split for work.  When I tried them on at work, I noticed that some of the holographic dots had melted off.  Yikes!  I'm going to have to drop some stones on the waistband to deal with the accidental blandness.

I took in the back and side seams of the pants and attached the rest of the waistband while I had a break at work.  This is a photo of my pants fitting at the ol' office.  I then spent a little time putting rhinestones on my headband.

Saturday was a busy day of finishing the waistband, adding hooks to the front of the pants, and working out the solution for my exuberant boobs.  I cut lower bra cups from some black net and attached it to the cups of the monokini.  I then stitched hooks and eyes onto the monokini and underbra so I can keep my boobs in check.

I had my first dress rehearsal of the number last night and saw how my costume pieces worked together.  (I'm lucky that I can hide knee pads inside my stripper boots.)  I had another dress rehearsal today with my coach and it worked fantastically.  A few little tweaks and it's ready for an audience.

Total spent so far: 33:00 and $243.80.

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