Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Costume Progress

I got my bodice fabric on May 19th and my skirt fabric on May 21st.  I just got my closures in the mail on Saturday.  Where am I with this new costume after a few weeks?

I made two mock-ups for the bodice before making the bodice out of the actual fabric.  I had to remake the lining, and I have to take in the back when I have the bustier that goes beneath the bodice.  The panty didn't work with the mock-up so I have to make a new one.  I made the skirt, stitched on two thirds of the ruffle, ordered the feather trim for the rest of it.  I bought rhinestones, dyed my fancy shoes and dissolved the glue on one of the soles.

This number debuts on July 11th.  I have less than a month.  I made a list of the remaining tasks to complete the costume (besides ordering supplies on the internet).  There are 23 things on that list and almost a month to get them all done.  If each task takes an hour, that's 23 more hours of work to go.  I have a pretty strong feeling that most of the tasks will take more than an hour; making pasties won't be a fast cycle and neither will creating and fitting a new panty.  I'm probably looking at 40 more hours to completion.

That seems a little daunting.  Looks like I'm packing my costume tomorrow so I can get some work done.  Can I get it all done in time?

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