Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 39/100 - Private Funk Lesson

My new number is to a Stevie Wonder song.  I've been watching internet videos to try to get my funk on in a pretty and appropriate way for this song, and I just couldn't piece together the best possible presentation of the moves with this costume.  I needed some help.  I needed an outside eye who would know some moves that would look good.  I needed someone who understood funk.  I called in Jewel of Denial.

Last night's lesson was exactly what I needed to give this act a shot in the arm.  Jewel gave me some great moves that fit the number, and she understands body mechanics so she explained how to make the moves look good without pulling anything.  Her suggestions help the rest of the piece flow better.  I'm really excited to put this whole thing in front of an audience on July 11th.

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