Monday, June 6, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 34/100 - Yoga for Health: Basics

Sometimes you really get what you pay for on Netflix instant.  After some major walking on an injured arch, dance class didn't seem like the wisest plan for the weekend.  I decided to do some yoga at home, using "Yoga for Health: Basics" led by Jenny Cornero as my guide.

Three things were working against me while I did this video.  First, I had a tough time understanding the instructor.  The video started abruptly, seeming like something was cut off the introduction.  It wasn't the easiest video to watch either.  Of course, your eyes are supposed to be closed for parts of the yoga routine so I was cheating.

Second, I've only taken a few yoga classes.  I took a class with Lux LaCroix when she was getting her certification, a class with Evie last year, one class at the Great Burlesque Expo, and two Kundalini classes before they were 86ed from that studio.  I've taken far more Pilates classes so it's no problem for me to do unsupervised home study with Pilates.  I recognized while doing the video that I still need supervision to get the positions correct without hurting myself.

Lastly, Buster hates yoga.  My dogs have always wanted to be participants in my workouts, but they usually get bored and leave the room or take a nap.  Buster would drag his nastiest toy onto my belly when I was trying to do bridges.  He'd take up residence on my legs when I was trying to do leg stretches, and he'd curl up behind my back when I was trying to do inversions.  He didn't pester me during the relaxation bit at the end.  Of course, he was pissed when I was rolling up my yoga mat afterwards.

While I did get a stretch without hurting my arch further, I don't think I'm going to do the other videos in this series.  Too much working against me.

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