Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 36/100 - Healing Yoga

Last weekend's class gave me pains in my neck that still aren't gone. I decided to do some yoga via Netflix instant this morning to treat my neck gently and not pull something that might prevent me from being naked for tonight's NGR. I put on "Healing Yoga: For Aches and Pains" starring Lisa & Charles Matkin.

This video is very gentle but powerful. I got some much needed stretching done so my neck and hip flexors feel a bit better. Perfect for someone working through or healing from an injury, I may just pop this video on again when I get my wisdom teeth removed. (I may still want to workout.) The stretches for neck, arms and shoulders are great for costumers and fan dancers. :)

In the photo, you can see the pains who love helping me with floor workouts. Doodlebug has perky ears and freckles; Buster is close to the camera. Doodle slept on the couch for this session. Buster helped test my yoga mat when I first rolled it out. He helped me again during the deep relaxation part at the end of the video; he thinks I'll relax more if he steps directly on my diaphragm while I'm breathing deeply.
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