Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woes With Shoes

Remember how I bought the perfect shoes but I just needed to dye them? I embarked on my dyeing project shortly after I got the shoes. I heated up the water in my stock pot in the stove, added my dye and my wet shoes and waited. They shoes weren't dyeing very quickly so I left them on the stove and would check on them every few minutes. The last time I checked my shoes they were the perfect color but there was a major problem: the hot water caused some of the glue to dissolve, separating the sole from one shoe. I also managed to boil out the insoles as well. Best laid plans, right? Shit. I put the shoes aside until I bought something to fix them. I didn't want to mess them up by working on them while frustrated.

Thanks to social media, I was directed to a shoe repair glue to reattach the sole. I bought some Shoe Goo and some padded insoles to replace what I boiled out. Trying to be smart with my shoes (for a change), I read all the directions on the Shoe Goo package before using it. I noticed a line about discoloration from extended exposure of the glue to hot water. Crap. I pulled out my shoes and noticed discoloration on the toes and heels, adjacent to areas that were glued before my incident. Now I had to glue the Humpty Dumpty mess back together and address the stains. I have no desire to hunt for replacement shoes when these are so perfect.

I chatted with Evie about my problem and she suggested I try floral spray on them. (Because she's the perfect friend for me, she just happened to have the exact shade I needed on hand.) I glued the shoes together yesterday and painted them today. They're looking much better. Learn from my example and don't dye your shoes in a stock pot! Go straight for the spray paint.

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