Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 84/100 - Kundalini Yoga

I started the year with a couple Kundalini classes, so it's somehow fitting that I'm ending the year with them.

Behold the power of the almighty Groupon! A few weeks ago I bought a pass for 20 classes (to be used within 60 days of my first class) at Golden Bridge Yoga for a whopping $20.  If I take every class I can, that's $1 per yoga class.  Of course, we all know I don't have the time to take all twenty classes in the next sixty days.  Sure, I have sixteen classes to take after this Kundalini class before the end of the year, but I doubt I can get through all twenty.  I'm okay with taking ten because that's $2 a class.  Not too shabby.

That's the thing to keep in mind when you buy these half price deals.  How much will you actually use and is it worth the expense to you?  There are a lot of deals on yoga classes and dance classes through the various discount websites.  I always check to see if I can realistically make it to enough of their classes on my schedule to make it worthwhile.  If I can't, I don't spend the money.  If it takes me forty-five minutes to drive to the studio right after a full day of office work and that's the only time I can take the class, I don't spend the money.  If there are no weekend classes on these deals, I don't spend the money.

Class was good and odd.  I plan to take another Kundalini class Saturday morning before jazz dance and a crochet class.  I'll talk more about Kundalini after a different class.  The important takeaway today is to hit up those discount websites because it is expensive to be an entertainer.

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