Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy Rumpus Revue in "Krampusnacht"

We cordially invite you to an evening of Holiday song, variety and frivolity! Mr. Snapper a ukulele playing songster and his silent foil, Mr. Buddy are your hosts, making a barely capable attempt at maintaining order as the libidinous human passions of a group of ragtag performers rage wildly out of control!

In this episode, Mr. Snapper is fed up with Mr. Buddy's out-of-control antics, so he's gotten the rest of the cast involved on a practical joke to teach Buddy a Holiday lesson. But making Buddy think Krampus, the Christmas Demon, has come to punish him is only the beginning!

Happy Krampusnacht!!

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Doors open at 8:00pm
Show starts at 8:30pm

$12.00 at the door!

Hosts for the evening
Mr. Snapper
Mr. Buddy

Chase McKenna as Billy Kiddo
Jacob Smith as Pistachio the Mime

Burlesque Performances by
Red Snapper
Honey Ima Home

Dope Rhymes by
Jayk Gallagher

Music and Comedy by
The Amazingly Odious Ari and the Capable Miss Puddles

With Special Guest
Scot Nery

The Craigslist Wildcard!

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