Monday, December 26, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 94/100 - Sweat! with Richard Simmons

We already know that I love Richard Simmons.  I was surprised to discover he was having class Christmas Eve.  Andrew and I just had to go, and I made myself a little festive for the occasion.  I made this polar bear hair comb to stick above my ponytail, and I wore a disco ball garland.  Andrew put on a Santa hat and we were ready to work!

I just got my annual physical on Thursday and haven't had a chance to refill my inhaler, so I knew I had to pay close attention to my body during class.  I had to take two breaks in the first twenty minutes of class to get some water and slow my heart down for a moment, and I had one break due to wheezing.  The great thing is that I made it through class without my inhaler, even if I did have to take a breather.

This class ended with Richard giving away two hard-to-find Barbies.  I guess this is what he does every year at Christmas.  And I won the first one.  Holy cow!  I was absolutely tickled.  I had him sign the box after class.  Now I have to figure out where to put her.

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