Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 8/10 - Kundalini Yoga

Both Catherine d'Lish and Evie Lovelle have bragged to me about the wonders of Kundalini yoga.  In fact, Evie and I tried on a few occasions to go to Kundalini yoga at another location but life happened and we never made it.  I was delighted that Kundalini yoga followed the other class I took at Dance Garden today.  I could squeeze in one more dance class without losing my motivation in LA traffic.  (I'm counting yoga and Pilates in my count since they focus on core strength and work the muscles engaged in dancing.)

Kundalini yoga has plenty of singing, which is a little strange but the sounds are intended to work areas of the body that don't usually get worked in classes.  I liked that the goal wasn't technical perfection of the poses but working within one's current ability to attempt that perfection.  The instructor, Jessica, said at the beginning of class that the exercises would create energy.  I was amazed that at the end of three dance classes, I was more energetic than when I started my day.  I feel very awake and alert a solid four hours after class.  It was fantastic.  I'm sure I'll hit Kundalini again this year.

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