Sunday, February 27, 2011

SWBS: Wrap-Up

Buster & the Doodlebug
I've been home from the Southwest Burlesque Showcase for nearly two weeks, and I'm finally getting around to sharing my experience.  (In my defense, I got off the plane from Albuquerque and directly picked up Buster, our new puppy.  We've been integrating Buster and the Doodlebug ever since.)

Albuquerque was a bit cold and dry for my Los Angeles-adapted body.  It was lovely and fairly quiet downtown.  Panama Red and I roomed together at Hotel Blue.  It was nice spending more time with her and seeing the Saturday night show together.

Photo by Alex Rimorin
Kimo Theater is gorgeous!  I loved dancing on the capacious stage that was once graced by Sally Rand.  The crowd was so warm and loving.  The theater has a haunted history, so I left one of my Burlesqueland buttons as an offering.  Both nights had so many talented performers.  It really was incredible.

I took two classes and taught one.  We had some scheduling issues, but I managed to teach some wonderful people before I left for the airport.  I love the educational element of many of these festivals.

I would gladly return for the festival and another sixer of Marble Brewing's Wildflower Wheat!  I hope that next time I can plan a little more time to explore downtown.

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