Sunday, February 13, 2011

SWBS: Vintage Hairstyling & Burlesque Makeup Basics with Red Hot Annie

I've always done a workman-like job on my own hair and makeup. I spent a semester in college studying stage makeup and picked up other bits and pieces along the way. I was spoiled in Texas with someone else doing my hair and makeup for most of my appearances.

I used to purchase expensive makeup but my application wasn't nearly as good as that of a MUA. I learned why in Red Hot Annie's class yesterday. The basics she covered will revolutionize how I do my makeup. I know what products I need in my makeup kit, what brushes are best for which application, what my face needs to look ideally roportioned, and how and where to explore color.

The class was packed with information so we didn't spend as much time on hair as we did makeup. I did learn the right way to curl hair and how to use pin curls as a basis for other styles. Annie used me as the demo student, and my hair and makeup both lasted from the morning class through the evening show.
Annie is very knowledgeable and very chill. I highly recommend this class.
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