Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Final Reveal: Did Towelie Have It Right?

Last Sunday I spent a solid hour trying to figure out what to do to embellish my bra and solve the strap problem. You see, I've developed jugs. This makes it pretty difficult to dance in a strapless bra because every move wiggles the bra lower on my ribcage. I hung out with Evie for a few hours, intending to mark the hem on my gown and start the panel skirt. We decided to build the undergarments then hem the skirt since you'll get a flash of the panel skirt from the outer dress. I tried twisting my mind around the bra for some brilliant idea, repeating Towelie's line from South Park: "Maybe if I was just a little high ..." Maybe the ideas would come faster, or maybe I'd eat all Evie's tofu since I've never really been high. Manipulating the fabric around the bra, looking for the right color rhinestone, I killed an hour on this costume.

Evie's big idea for my panel skirt was to make a skirt yoke from a pattern. She traced one for me and I cut it last night from leftover dress fabric. I would've just used stretch sequin trim (like the simple shimmy belt pattern). This is a much better idea. I had some leftover interfacing from a bustier I made to sell. I spent 40 minutes cutting the yoke, stitching it together, and dropping another layer of glitter on my shoes.

Total spent to date: $167.48 and 15:15.
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