Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Final Reveal: Wide Load

This expansion of my skirt yoke wouldn't be a problem if I had a longer torso, gave up the demon liquor, and/or stopped eating bread and sweets. I've gained back two of the five pounds I lost in my first month of workouts, and I haven't taken time off from my workout schedule. I guess last night was my last It's-It ice cream sandwich for a while (340 calories of deliciousness).

Who am I kidding? I'll just have to make up the damage with more physical activity.

I had this seemingly simple way to add these extensions to the sides so I could close the seams on the lining after turning the yoke right side out. When I stitched on the extensions last night and turned the pieces, I realized it was a bit stupid and a little more complicated than necessary. While the edges were nice, I would have to handstitch the front yoke to the back. That's how I spent my morning, or at least 15 minutes of it. Now it needs closures and some guy I know to scratch out some amazing designs for the embellishment. Better get right on him. Get right on him about that, I mean.

Total spent: $187.97 and 24:35
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