Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Final Reveal: Oh My Bra

I sat down for an hour and forty minutes yesterday to gussy up the slit of the dress so it has a nice, even edge. I was going to put some snaps down the opening below the zipper, but I decided instead to let the panel skirt beneath to peep through. Both the outer gown and the lining had to be pressed, pinned, stitched, and pressed again.

This evening I spent an hour and forty minutes securing the net to the top edge of the bra. I wanted the net gathered in certain places across the cups, but I didn't want to stitch it down and have it pucker. I used a little fabric glue to get it to catch in a few strategic places, and I glued some tiny and appropriately colored rhinestones to help hold the gathers in place on the cups. I have to buy rhinestones specifically for this costume, but I had some spares since I work in blues so frequently.

Total spent so far: $167.48 and 20:05.
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