Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Final Reveal: More Machine Than Manual

Three clear coats of Mod Podge later, I think my shoes are done. I'm giving them a day to dry before removing the tape protection from the sides. At least one part of the costume is done!

I'm using a yard of each shade of English net to cover the bra, then putting rhinestones on top of the swags. My thought was to incorporate the panel skirt motif throughout the costume. To get the gathers just right, I stitched them on my machine. They're far more satisfactory than they would be if I did them by hand. I'm searching for some kind of snapper to put in the center of the bra when it's done.

I really wish I could use my machine for the entire bra covering process. I handstitched the gathered net to one edge of the bra and my hand is unhappy. Stupid carpal tunnel. I'll have to take it with me as my office project tomorrow in the event things are quiet.

Total spent to date: $167.48 and 16:45.
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