Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Final Reveal: Tripping Balls

Last night I spent a couple hours working on my panel skirt with Evie. I took a seam ripper to my skirt yoke because I need a little more room. My torso is so short that I can't wear the yoke at my natural waist; that would leave only 2" or 3" between my bra and the skirt. I have to cut a couple pieces to add to the current yoke so it sits above my hips.

I had great luck cutting the panels for my skirt last night, and I think I'm going to sucker that husband of mine into drawing a snapper design onto the yoke and bra pack for me to rhinestone the shit out of. However, I had shit luck working on the design for a couple of the panels. Evie found a fantastic quilting pattern that I can use as an embellishment guide for some panels. She spent some time during my previous visit trying to grid the design so we could copy it onto the panels. While a lovely design, this shit is confusing. (Little old ladies are supposed to be able to hand sew this crazy shit.) I found the repeats in the design and I'm going to start fresh by enlarging those, then putting them on the panels.

This morning I stitched two pairs of panels together. I want my rear panels to have plenty of reach so I can manipulate them like a bellydance veil. As you can see in the photo, Buster wanted to help. I then chased him through the house when he captured the fabulous bra I covered last week. He really loves fabulous things.

Up next: making panels, fixing the yoke, and embellishment until I puke.

Total spent so far: $180.38 and 22:50
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