Friday, March 30, 2012

My Final Reveal: I Need a Drink

I had a quiet hour at the ol' day job, and I have tons to do in the next two weeks.  I brought in some costume stuff to work on, getting my wish of some quiet time to work on things.  I was going to trace the screwy design onto a panel (drape) for my dress, then transfer the snapper to the skirt yoke.  Seemed simple enough.

I traced a nice chunk of the screwy design onto the drape, then realized how long it would take to finish tracing the design onto the skirt panels.  Then I'd have to take the sequins to it.  The design was so small it would be horribly tedious.  I saw a future where I was angry, yelling at the sequins and cursing the designs.  To avoid that future, I enlarged the design.  I'm going to trace it onto one sample panel, then enlist m'love to make it happen with gold paint.  He has better dexterity than I do, even though his handwriting is generally terrible.  He also doesn't get the pesky carpal tunnel crap that I do.

After that madness, I thought I could easily trace the snapper design he created last night onto the yoke.  Wrong again!  I used a tracing wheel to put holes in the design, then took a water soluble marker to the holes it made.  That didn't work very well.  I used light and shadow to find the edges of the design from the tracing wheel on the yoke, enabling me to scrawl out the rough silhouette with the marker.  I still need help.  I didn't get the other side done, and I saw a horrible future with me yelling at the skirt yoke.  It will be much easier to enlist his help again, even if it costs me another steak dinner.  (I'd make him the steak dinner anyway.)

I'm not counting any of the time that other people are putting in on my project, and I'm not counting any time I "trade" services for help.  I'd wind up helping those folks anyway.

Somebody get me some rum.

Total spent so far: $218.50 and 27:55

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