Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Final Reveal: Now With More Snapper

I figured I should get started on accessorizing my new number. Accessories are often an afterthought for me. I know the colors, I know the style, I know the physicality of the number. it's time to get some bling.

I usually wear my little snapper necklace when I perform (I have four or five on hand so I'm never left without). The silver isn't going to work with my blue and gold costume, and a necklace is a bad idea with the asymmetrical gown bodice and the way I have to wear the bra. A bracelet seemed like a smarter idea. I found this little crocodile bracelet on ebay for a whopping $12.90 (shipping included). I can easily make some earrings to match the colors. (I wear these blues ALL THE TIME, so this piece can be used for other numbers.)

There is a trick to getting things like this for cheap: allowing plenty of time for it to arrive. I debut this number in a month, so I save money ordering it now. I have the leisure of getting the best price and not worrying about getting it on time.

Total spent so far: $180.38 and 20:25.
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