Thursday, May 19, 2011

Biscuits & Gravy Tour: Dancing With the Diamond Dames

Photo by Clarissa Brandeau
I've been waiting for a couple years for burlesque to rear its head in my home state. It's easier for me to return to Arkansas for visits when I can combine business and pleasure, and connecting up with the Diamond Dames from Little Rock provided me that opportunity.

I know Arkansas is "The Natural State," but it would be more appropriate to call it "The DIY State." There's such a strong, stubborn spirit to make things happen, and Arkansans make things happen for themselves. This wonderful group of ladies wanted burlesque in Arkansas so they made it happen. With her troupe primarily based in Little Rock, fearless leader Bre Von Buxxxom also provided performance opportunities for a Fort Smith performer, a gal from Hot Springs, and the debut of my own sister, Periwinkle Lane. The show took place a great venue with a huge backstage, room for merch out front, and an enthusiastic audience. They were wonderful backstage, and I'd gladly perform with them again. (In the photo from L to R: Heaven Lee, one of our wonderful stage kittens, me, Periwinkle Lane and Ro Manic.)

I spent the daylight hours on Saturday teaching in Hot Springs, and the Diamond Dames were there to pick up a few new tricks. We had so much fun in class. A couple gals from Foul Play Cabaret joined us as well. They were all such wonderful students that I'm teaching them fan dancing next time I return to Arkansas.

I love the South. One of the hardest parts of my life right now is trying to figure out when to return to the places I've visited, especially Arkansas and Texas.

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