Saturday, May 21, 2011

Change of Plans

I headed downtown this morning to pick up my perfect skirt fabric. I bought a swatch a few weeks ago when shopping with Evie, went out of town a few times, then finally tested the swatch to see it would take a dye and was worth $15 a yard to me. Mr. Snapper and I had brunch then marched into the shop to spend $60 on skirt fabric. They had a roll of black and ...

What the hell happened to the roll of white skirt fabric they had a month ago?! Oh, it was the last roll imported from India and there's no chance they'll get another. Great. No, black won't work for my aqua mint costume, sure as hell won't take the dye I need. Rats, foiled again. What am I going to do?

I searched a couple nearby shops and found nothing like it. The skirt has to be made ASAP since I'm putting the number in front of an audience in six weeks. So we scavenged the fabric district for skirt fabric and trims to build something even better than the perfect skirt fabric could ever be. I bought some dye and started making skirt soup on my stove. It's going to take a little more time, but I will succeed with this creation.

I'm still a little pissed they didn't tell me the fabric would be gone for rapture day.
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