Friday, May 6, 2011

Naked Girls ROCK

It’s that time of year again, our third annual NAKED GIRLS ROCK Event at Naked Girls Reading.  Ever wondered what it would be like to live the rock-n-roll lifestyle full of debauchery and naked chicks?  What if those chicks were remarkably literate and well-read?  Well, wonder no more.  The Chicago Naked Girls are going to Rock-n-Roll all night and Read Naked every day.
Biographies, Liner Notes, Lyrics and a few cocaine-addled rants are sure to be the number one hit of the day as the girls get “unplugged’ from their clothes and turn the sexy up to eleven.
And yes, we WILL be playing Guitar Hero once again.  Challenge a Naked Girl to an ax-slinging battle and win a collector’s edition “Naked Girls Rock” poster by TJ Rappel of Krushervision.
Reservations are required, get yours now and receive a limited edition “Naked Girls Reading” Guitar Pick.

(I'll be on the Everleigh swing with backless panties.)

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