Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treasure Hunt

I've been hunting for the perfect fabric for my next costume for months: a minty aqua (toothpaste) stretch velvet. I checked so many stores downtown and looked in a fabric store in West LA, visited many JoAnn Fabrics and the fabric store of my youth in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I found something online & made a leap of faith purchase, uncertain the color displayed in the photo was true. It arrived yesterday and matches my feather sample perfectly!

I made a mockup of the outer layer of the costume last night. It wasn't perfect but I can work with it if I must. I'm making a second today. I have to figure out how to turn two patterns into one that works, and I'd rather not make those mistakes with my perfect fabric.

I still haven't unpacked from my latest trip, but I did manage to test dye my skirt fabric sample. The skirt fabric Evie and I found downtown last month will save me the expense (and potential allergy irritation) of having to work solely with feathers for the piece. It really soaked up the green dye I had on hand, so I know it will take whatever color I use very well.

I'm hoping to have the main outer piece figured out by next week so I can have it made by Memorial Day.
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