Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Le Francais

I completely refocused my dance career in December when I worked on my five year goals.  I've been fairly quiet about my specific long-term goals, but I will share that I want to return to France in the next five years.  This time I want to go as a performer.

The thing about long-term goals is that something has to happen this year, this month, this week, today to put one in the position to attain said goals over time.  If I want to dance in France with no pants in a few years, I should probably brush up on my French and learn a bit more, especially if I want to be able to intelligently talk business with producers.  I invested in Rosetta Stone French for this very reason.  I started the lessons last week and absolutely love the program. Since I'm a crazy person, I'm going to try to get through all five units by October.  I don't have plans to visit France this year, but I like being prepared. :)

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