Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance Class Challenge: 54/100 - The Situation Workout

I've never seen "Jersey Shore"; I've seen the South Park episode about it. My poor husband had a surprise fever, squelching our evening plans, landing him in bed, and me looking for some way to entertain myself at home. After some Rosetta Stone French, I popped on Netflix and "The Situation Workout" was one of three fitness videos I hadn't done yet that popped up on my home page. I've taken a crazy ass class with a guy that insisted on tickling me and Evie (and who seemed to be running a cult). This wouldn't nearly be as painful.

I spent a nice chunk of time laughing my ass off. The workout is good and involves light handweights. The Situation personality reminds me of my younger brother if he'd been given lead paint instead of breast milk as a baby. It gets easier to watch him, his friend The Unit, and whatever fit girl he calls "sweetheart" through the course of the video. (He goes through two or three chicks.) I don't know that Sitch realizes what he's saying, like the stuff about being hard with Unit. Ol' Unit implied a three-way with Sitch and ab girl.

If you have an hour and want a decent workout while you laugh, try it.
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